100 Word Plays

Published by Darren Seeley on Thursday 22 March 2012

The Royal Court theatre called for 100 word play submissions as part of their Young Writers Festival.  Luckily for me, you don't have to be young to take part.

I wrote three.  Here they are.

Washing Day

Two men sit together on bench in a launderette.

Dan        I don't see any other way. 

Mike      At all?

Dan        We've exhausted. I mean Mike, we've utterly 
               exhausted all other possible solutions.

Mike      And none's gonna work.

Dan        Nothing is going to work Mike.

Mike      It's disappointing Dan, really disappointing.

Dan        It is.

Mike      (pause) Ah! thought I had something there!

Dan        (rising from the bench) Shall we then?

Mike      (looking up) No time like the present eh? (stands up)
               Where we gonna put the feet, his head, you 
               know all the bits and pieces?

Dan        In the garage Mike.

Mike      What the one on Ship Street?

Dan        Yes. (nods)

Mike      (nodding) Nice.

The Choice
Jack       We've never really talked about it.

Alice      You were happy with the choice we made.

Jack       The choice?

Alice      I know (beat) but I just couldn't cope with it 

Jack       And by doing this now, this is to show me how much
               you still think about it?

Alice      More than you are able to forget.

Jack       You mean that you think about it more than I forget 
               it? (beat) Or that I forget how much you think about 
               it? (Pause) Alice?

Alice      I never truly realised how much a part of you it was.

Jack       She, she was a girl.

Alice      I know. (whispers) A tiny baby girl.

No Dogs
Guard   No dogs! No dogs! No dogs!

Man      What?

Guard   No dogs. No dogs allowed.

Man      What (beat) this?

Guard   Not allowed.

Man      This is no dog.

Guard   Yes it is.

Man      Good, we agree then.

Guard   Exactly!  What? Why are you saying it's not a dog.

Man      I didn't.

Guard   No dogs allowed!

Man      I know, so please let me through.

Guard   You can't take that dog.

Man      Why not?

Guard   Dogs aren't allowed.

Man      Oh, dogs aren't allowed?  I'm sorry I had no idea.


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