On the Grass

Published by Darren Seeley on Saturday 22 June 2013

Pete:    We walked for miles that day.  Was it warm?

Karen: It was perfect.  We laid down on the grass don’t you remember?

Pete:    Grass? On the South Bank? 

Karen: Yeah, just before the Oxo Tower.

Pete:    Of course. (smiling) I couldn’t move.

Karen:(smiling) What?

Pete:    You’d leant your head on my legs and I didn’t want to move (beat) in case you did.

Karen: I think I felt your heartbeat.

Pete: In my legs!

Karen:  (laughing) Yes!

Pete: Christ.  I was anxious. Didn’t you think it was strange though? Like maybe I was having a heart attack.

Karen: Not really, well, because I thought it was mine; my heartbeat.  It was the first move and I wasn’t really sure how you’d react.

Pete:    Oh so you were making a move!

Karen: Obviously! It was nice though.

Pete:    Yeah. It was lovely.


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